Candle Magic 2.0

Lighting a candle and praying is one of the most spiritual activities that you can engage in. Learning how to use the candle and multiply the energy given to the candle and then given back by the candle is fundamental to spiritual development for healers and seekers. When we all make ourselves available for the energy of the universe we need to have a tool that gives us focus and purpose. By lighting candles and knowing what to ask for you can gain steady improvement in all that you are attempting to do.

In our weekend together we will cover how to choose candles, both white and colored, scented and unscented, anointing oils, as well as prayers and clarity of purpose. We will be sharing with you the techniques we have used with success in order to gain the grace and power to heal. We will also mention the candle practices used for healing and prosperity. We will cover both single candle use and complicated ceremonies that look simple that use more than one candle. Will cover the sympathetic magic that is involved in the work of Trinities and the rule of three.

Join us for candle work and add your enthusiasm to the work that we will do together.

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Schedule September 16-17, 2023
Classes are via Zoom starting at 11 AM PST, and will last for 90 minutes.

Login information will be sent to you on the day before class starts. If you do not receive a link on or before Sept 15 and you have registered, please contact Shannon for assistance.

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Nurses Provider approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing for 30 contact hours. CEU Credit Certificate provided. Application fee is $20. (Requires separate payment made out to HLCC. Please submit with CEU application at the end of the intensive.

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