For Scrying Out Loud

Since the beginning of history, Clairvoyants, Oracles and Seers alike have attempted to know the future in order to avoid doom and disaster. Many people have used psychic tools to guide their daily lives in uncertain times. However, knowing how to use predictive tools to focus your private endeavors can be just plain fun.

This small seminar will teach you everything you need to know to make your attempts in discerning which way the wind is blowing more successful. We will cover palmistry, crystal balls, bowls of water, card reading, sticks, and even I Ching. These teachings will give an idea of the width of possibilities for prognostication, the possibilities for growth, and learning the sympathetic language that reveals the winding path of the soul's evolution.

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Schedule September 11-12, 2021
Classes are via Zoom at 12 Noon PST. They will be 90 minutes long.

Login information will be sent to you on the day before class starts. If you do not receive a link on or before September 10 and you have registered, please contact Shannon for assistance.

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Tel. (626) 602-4642

CEU Credits

Nurses Provider approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing for 30 contact hours. CEU Credit Certificate provided. Application fee is $20. (Requires separate payment made out to HLCC. Please submit with CEU application at the end of the intensive.

Certificates of Completion

Certificates of Completion are available to all students. Application fee & process is the same as for CEU Certificates above.