April 10-11, 2021

When we think about healing we think about touch. We think about all the ways we can be touched. Whether we are moved by beauty or moved by feelings we still say that something touched us. As healers we are all touched by those we seek to comfort and heal. Because the flow of energy between us is comforting we forget how intelligent that divine energy is. This weekend class seeks to help students gain more strength in their clarity and ability to help others and more peace and hope for themselves by learning to:

Touch with your mind. Learn to master the thinking that helps us understand how to approach a situation that needs clarity in order to comfort and heal. Declutter the chatter we have accumulated during our life and release the negativity and fear that has crept into our speech.

Touch with your hand. Activate our touch to receive information as well as give energy.

Touch with your heart. Allow our feelings to guide us to pain in another, and then channel the feeling that another needs to hold to become whole again.

Touch with your soul. Let the divine move through us, so that the highest goals for each person we serve can be met.

This intensive class helps you to a more authentic understanding of the soul’s alchemy as well as karma, its workings, and its essentially benign nature.

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Classes are via Zoom at 12 Noon PST. They will be 90 minutes long.

Login information will be sent to you on the day before class starts. If you do not receive a link on or before April 10 and you have registered, please contact Shannon for assistance.

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Tel. (626) 602-4642 

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CEU Credits

Nurses Provider approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing for 30 contact hours. CEU Credit Certificate provided. Application fee is $20. (Requires separate payment made out to HLCC. Please submit with CEU application at the end of the intensive.

Certificates of Completion

Certificates of Completion are available to all students. Application fee & process is the same as for CEU Certificates above.