Interview with Healer Rosalyn Bruyere

By Diane Goldner, June 2012

Rosalyn Bruyere has been practicing as a healer for more than 40 years and has been teaching almost as long. She has worked with thousands of people around the world, including Native Tribes in the U.S. and Canada, and has taught many doctors, nurses and therapists the principles of energy healing. She has also participated in numerous research studies on healing, most recently at Kennedy Krieger Institute in Baltimore. She did her first workshop in Hawai’i last November, and will be returning this October to teach a workshop on Grounding and Insight: Having Your Feet on the Ground, So You Can Soar.

It was my honor to talk to Rosalyn after she returned from her first visit to Hawai’i and began planning her new workshop.


You were so excited when you first came back from Hawai’i. Why?

RB: I had absolutely no expectations. I already live in a tropical place where everything is always blooming. But I was blown away. The first thing that got me was the air. The Trade Winds were so soft. And there was an aliveness in the air that I hadn’t experienced anywhere else.

Then, after about two days, I started to feel the earth under my feet. I could feel the ground vibrating underneath me. It was like magma. That was very exciting.


RB: The development of the chakra system, of our whole energy anatomy, is dependent on this earth energy. And in Hawai’i, the earth energy is so much closer, so much more accessible. It comes right up from the magma core.

You’ve often talked about how the first chakra and earth energies are essential for healing. Why is it so important?

RB: It’s the energy that helps the body reproduce itself. It helps cells replicate. It keeps cells and the body young. It gives the body enough energy for it to do everything. That’s why it’s so important.

People think the first chakra has something to do with sexuality. But it’s actually in the bone marrow. Then once bone marrow is right, the immune system, the breathing, and the nervous system work better. The body is a little smarter. This energy is in your everything. Not just in your crotch. It’s really primary. It’s first because it’s basic life force.

So is Hawai’i the fountain of youth?

RB: Statistically, people live 10 years longer there. I didn’t know that before I went there.

I’ve also heard you talk about how important the first chakra is for insight and vision. Can you explain a little more how that works?

RB: Yes, the center for insight is our sixth chakra, or purple center. And it’s half red. We’re talking about the frequencies as you’d measure them with an oscilloscope. Half the energy that your brain needs to function insightfully is red or first chakra energy and the other half is the blue from the throat center.

So did you have fresh insights when you were in Hawai’i?

RB: Yes, I did. I had some important insights about the indigenous people there. I’ve always been connected to indigenous people. I was given the great gift of meeting people from the local tribe where I was teaching. I felt the same connection to them that I do with First Nations people here.

I began to understand some of the mythology. People want to write a lot about Pele. The red energy from Pele isn’t about aggression and fire. It’s about baby chi. I realized that while I was standing on the volcano. It feels like the energy of a baby. It’s the same soft renewing life energy.

So there’s a lot of newness and freshness in Hawai’i?

RB: Yes. It’s where the earth is making herself. She’s growing herself a new continent. Slowly. So far she’s only made an island.

Why would healers want to come to Hawai’i to study?

The really important thing for me is that healers can feel that earth energy more and more in Hawaii. Then they can do more when they go to heal someone. If you can bottle that in your psyche, it will renew you for your practice, wherever that is in the world.


Rosalyn Bruyere will be teaching the workshop: Having Your Feet on the Ground, so You Can Soar: Grounding and Insight from October 14 to 19, 2012 on the Big Island of Hawai’i. Register for the workshop.

Diane Goldner is a healer based in Los Angeles and New York, who studied with and wrote about Rosalyn Bruyere in her book, How People Heal (Hampton Roads, 2003.) For more information go or email Diane at