2024 Easter Service

Easter Service with Rev. Rosalyn L Bruyere
"Prayers are our Living Hope for Tomorrow"
March 31, 2024 11:00 AM at the Healing Light Center Church

Everyone learns to pray. We learn it when we're young and we learn it when we're old. We continue to learn to use prayer for our development as spiritual beings, and also we learn to pray to comfort ourselves and others.

During the Easter season after a period of lent there comes a deepening and an opening in the heavens to receive us in ways we haven't been received before because it represents a seasonal change and the seasons open the gateways to our divine connection.

Please come and pray with us on Easter there will be many of the Healing Light Center pastors present among you and also guests and hopefully children so that we may share this day with God and one another. May all of you be blessed and join in prayers on that day so that we can feel each other after a long period of separation in our congregation.