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"Sight and Insight — A View from the Third Eye" Workshop
Asheville NC —June 8-10, 2012

We are happy to offer the audio recordings from our recent "Sight and Insight — A View from the Third Eye" workshop. Couldn't make the workshop? You can now purchase and instantly download the audio files from the entire workshop for only $45!

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Sight and Insight — A View from the Third Eye

The human soul longs for insight in our daily lives. We want to understand the meaning in events and happenings and we want to be able to plan for the future. Our ally in this endeavor is the sixth chakra, or third eye. The third eye has many uses as you navigate through life. The most important of these is the wisdom that comes from seeing the big picture instead of just the details. This is the part of us that is mature enough to hold open paradoxical ideas.

For healers this becomes important for helping others by using the whole body’s viewpoint, instead of just the details of illness. Healers want to see the aura to know what to do, but the third eye is smart enough to see how to do it as well. And, of course, many people want to see the hidden wisdom that exists all around us. This work shop is about the practices and tools that you need to make both your daily life and spiritual life richer.